Billings Fall Ball

shall we dance?

Billings Winter Ball

Grab your partner and join us for the 2024 Billings Winter Ball.
This formal Christian-based event is organized by Anna Holmes with the dances called by Karen Vowell.
This is an extraordinary event, full of vigorous dancing and live music.
No prior dancing experience is necessary. The dances will be taught the morning of the ball.
Be sure to read through the code of conduct and dress code.

Tickets are Sold out

Please read all information thoroughly before registering.

Please refer to the FAQs and website before reaching out with questions.


Saturday, February 3th, 2024


Montana Pavilion (MetraPark) 308 6th N, Billings MT 59101

Mandatory Rehearsal Time

9:15AM- 12:00 on February 3th, 2024

The Rehearsal is at the same location as dance. Montana Pavilion

If you do not attend the mandatory rehearsal you will not be allowed access to the ball!

Who's Invited

All persons ages 12 and up. No children or babies under the age of 12 will be allowed entrance. 

Non dancers are welcome granted that they pay, registrar, and agree to follow the above dress code and code of conduct, same as dancing participants. As we recognize the male and female genders as understood in scripture, note that this traditional ball is for males and females who dress according to the dress codes stated above.

Mandatory Rehearsal Dress Code

Casual and modest, Please bring a water bottle.

Evening Formal Ball

Doors open at 5:30 p.m.; Grand March line-up is at 6:20p.m. Event ends at 10:00 p.m.


We ask that participants not attend if they are displaying any cold or flu symptoms or if they have been around anyone diagnosed with Covid-19. We recommend participants sanitize/wash hands between dances. You participate at your own risk.


$38 registration fee per person registration closes when 400 capacity has been reached. Registrations are absolutely NON-TRANSFERABLE, and NON-REFUNDBLE.

There are no tickets issued. The registrant name will be on a list and they will check in at the rehearsal and main event.

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3:17

Gentleman's Code of Conduct

  • The gentleman will ask the lady to dance, not the other way around. Escort the lady off of the dance floor at the end of the dance
  • A gentleman is encouraged to dance with a lady no more than twice after the Grand March unless the two are engaged or married
  • Gum is not allowed, although breath mints are welcome
  • Gentlemen are expected to take on the traditional role of men in dance, and attire
  • Gentlemen are expected to dance with the ladies

Lady's Code of Conduct

  • As she adorns herself with her finery and jewels, the lady needs to also adorn herself with a cheerful, humble spirit
  • The lady may politely decline a gentleman’s offer to dance, without explanation
  • Ladies’ are expected to take on the traditional role of dress
  • Gum is not allowed, although breath mints are welcome

No obvious or showy signs of affection, kissing, lap sitting etc. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the event at any time

The Lady's Dress Code

  • Formal dress or skirt, below calf or longer. Knee length, or mid-calf including hi-low style, is too
    short. And you will be sent home
  • Midriff must be covered; absolutely no cleavage line showing, cleavage area should be covered
    by non-mesh fabric, 
  • Ladies; of you can see down your dress, so can everyone else. Again, cleavage area should be covered.
  • Slits in dresses must be no higher than the top of the knee, slits should be mostly hidden and not
  • No completely backless dresses, there must be at least two inches of fabric under the arms to
    hold dress secure
  • No creepy, or Goth attire or accessories
  • No strapless tops
  • No off the shoulder dress unless they have straps
  • One strap dresses are ok
  • Dress shoes or dress sandals up to the task of zealous dancing; ballet slippers with a small strap are recommended over high heels, (you will be running)
  • By agreeing to the dress code you are agreeing to the responsibility of knowing what a dress shoe is. Please do your research
  • No tennis shoes allowed at the main event not even as a back up
  • We highly suggest the reinforcement of straps, and be cautious of the length of dress so it is not a
    tripping hazard. You will be running and your hands will be occupied.

We reserve the right to turn away any lady not dressed according to the dress code, without refund



The Gentlemen's Dress Code

  • Dress shirt (no casual prints), slacks (no blue jeans), dress shoes (no tennis shoes, black or otherwise), no hats
  • Ties are required and can be a bolo tie, bowtie, or regular necktie. No scarfs
  • Tuxedos are welcome, though not required
  • No faded pants or shirts, everything should be crisp, clean and very nice
  • Dress shoes or boots come in a variety of styles and colors. They can be vibrant or traditional. Dress shoes are required.
  • Well polished, clean cowboy boots are acceptable
  • NO Hurleys, Converse, Nikes, or any athletic shoes

We reserve the right to turn away any gentleman not dressed according to the dress code, without refund


Montana Pavilion (MetraPark) 

308 6th N, Billings MT 59101

in the know

Frequently Asked Questions

The mandatory rehearsal is, in fact, mandatory. If you do not attend you will not be granted entrance to the ball with very few exceptions. If you plan on dancing, there are no exceptions. The date of the dance is posted very early to give people time to request the time off.

Yes. We work hard to preserve the integrity of the ball and ask everyone to respect the dress code.

There will not be food served at the ball. Small finger type desserts and refreshments will be available.

There is little to no room for spectators. However, non-dancers are welcome granted that they pay, registrar, and agree to follow the above dress code and code of conduct, same as dancing participants. All spectators must attend dance rehearsal, no exceptions.

No, if you are not registered, you may not enter the Ball room.

This dance is 12 and up. Many of our attendees are adults. No unregistered guests are allowed entrance to the event. Not even to take pictures. If you want to accompany your young adult, you must pay and register.

Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

As a courtesy, please let Billings Fall Ball know if you will be unable to attend, however refunds are only granted if the request is made 14 days before the event, and a fee of $80 will be withheld. So refund requests for one or two tickets will not be granted unless it is an extreme medical emergency. So please don’t ask.

Unfortunately registrations are non-transferable, with absolutely no exceptions. 

Anyone caught using another registration will be denied entrance to this event and all future events.

There is a long list of why this has to be. Thank you for understanding.

No tickets are needed. After you have registered, your name will automatically go on a list that we will use to “check-you-in” at both the rehearsal and main event. A conformation email may be necessary to prove registration. If for some reason your name is not found.

Everyone who registers will receive a registration conformation. Please check your spam before reaching out.

Tickets are Non-Refundable

Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Anyone using somebody else’s name will be denied entrance and denied from any future events.